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About Richard Richard Harry Johnson helps his clients obtain success through Coaching, Education and Health. With almost 30 years' experience in the health and wellbeing field, Richard has worked successfully with thousands of happy clients, organisations and businesses, and continues to combine his coaching practice with writing and developing new training courses in health, wellbeing, personal development and enterprise. In 1999, Richard founded the Sports Therapy Organisation – which has gone on to become the UK's largest Professional Association for sports injury professionals, and has well-established international links. This was followed in 2000 by the founding of Active Health Group, which has established itself as the leading global provider of Sports Therapy training and Integrative Health Practitioner training. Richard's philanthropic tendencies were realised with the founding of the Sports Therapy Foundation, which as well as providing educational grants and bursaries, has built and funds the 'Active Health Malawi' clinic, which provides free musculoskeletal treatments in Mulanje, Malawi. (This is sadly one of the poorest countries in the world, with virtually no access to healthcare, and no welfare system.) In 2016, Richard realised through his own health concerns that most of the healthcare systems in place were very disjointed. Through this he set about using his entrepreneurial talents to create a whole new health industry, and the Integrative Health Society was born. This Society aims to bring together health practitioners across the globe who recognise the need to treat the mind, body and spirit holistically for the best outcomes. As a keen advocate of education, Richard understands the needs of easily accessible training, and launched the very popular AHG Online Academy. He is also keen on his own ongoing education and commits to a minimum of eight weeks of continuing professional development each year and to achieve his PhD by age 55. He also appreciates the need for Professional Associations, to not only provide support to their members and industry, but also as an acknowledgement of one's qualifications and skills. SUCCESS FROM THE NINE C'S OF SELF 185

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